EyeTech Quick Glance TM4

Although not a communication aid in itself, the Quick Glance TM4 is a unit that plugs into most PCs to give eye gaze control (it's shown here attached to a Powerbox communication aid, but you can attach to other suitable PCs, aids and laptops). Mouse 'clicking' can be done with an eye blink, or by staring (dwell). A separate switch and switch-adapted mouse can also be used.

Unlike the earlier TM3, which had a mains power cable and a separate Firewire connection lead, The TM4 needs only a single USB2 lead which plugs into the PC or communication aid. 

The TM4 is supplied with it's own Eye Tools software, which runs in the background while the user is working with standard Windows applications and speech output software. It also allows calibration of the unit (5, 9 or 16 points) and gives control over such settings as dwell time and zoom. The TM4 tracks either or both eyes for increased accuracy and range of head movement. You can save the settings for more than one user.

You can also adjust the TM4 settings from within The Grid and Mind Express communication software, which offer a few extra options such as a picture as a calibration marker.

The unit is designed to fit under a standard flat screen monitor, but you can choose various mounting brackets for attachment to laptop computers (it sits on top of the keyboard) or wheelchair mounting systems. It requires a 30.5cm to 53cm monitor.

Eyegaze-specific specifications


Dark pupil, single or binocular tracking


One USB2 cable

Working range


Recovery time after tracking loss (head was moved too fast or moved out of range)




Working volume (the 'box' where the head has to be for the unit to work)

25 x 16 x 19cm

Operating system required

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or 7 OS, 32-bit or 64-bit

Power draw



Supplier(s): Smartbox AT Ltd
Techcess Ltd
Size 28.0 × 4.0 × 4.5cm
Weight 0.7kg
Access method Eyegaze
Max number of messages Unlimited
Number of message levels n/a
Speech type Mainly Artificial
Touchscreen size n/a
Environmental control No
Mobile phone capability None
Battery life n/a
Table stand Optional


Guide Price £5000
Price notes:

Price shown for unit only (from Techcess). Also available from Smartbox for £5260 which includes The Grid communication software

Comm software included n/a

1 year manufacturers warranty

Note that the information above is correct to the best of the ACE Centre's knowledge, but check with the supplier(s) if in doubt. We would be grateful if you could let us know of any errors - email speechbubble@ace-centre.org.uk

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