What is SpeechBubble?

SpeechBubble provides up-to-date information on the latest Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) resources that support expressive communication. This includes communication aids, software and applications.

AAC is used by people with little or no speech to enable them to communicate. SpeechBubble allows you to look for a specific AAC product or supplier to find out more information. Alternatively you can search for a product with specific criteria to meet your AAC needs.

Who can I contact about SpeechBubble?

If you have any queries or feedback about SpeechBubble, please contact us 

Where can I go for further support or advice about AAC?

If you would like more information about an AAC assessment or training, please call ACE Centre Telephone Advice Line: 0800 080 3115 

I want to help/improve the site - or I've got a problem 

SpeechBubble is in development. We have consulted with a number of AAC professionals with the structure and requirements of the site but we know this is never enough and we openly welcome support. We are listing any bugsenhancement requests and questions to the development of the site on the GitHub page. If you are not comfortable with using this just drop us an email or send us feedback on the site directly. Please be aware that we can only make changes if we have the funds to do so. Please consider donating financially to the project if you wish to see it develop. 

Can I reuse the content on the site / I want to know more technical aspects!

Please take a read about technical details of the site and how to use the data in the site for your own purposes here